Amazon Prime Reading

Input berichtet unter dem Titel «Forget Prime Reading, public libraries are still as important as ever» über Amazon Prime Reading (via Stephen’s Lighthouse):

«What’s particularly interesting about Prime Reading is that it brings nothing new to the «reading» experience nor the concept of a «library.» Prime Reading isn’t some ingenious business plan but a thinly veiled shakedown scheme. It is an attempt by Bezos to see just how much mileage he can truly get out of that smiley-arrow logo.
Unfortunately, it will be difficult to undermine as simple a con as Prime Reading. The profit margin is just too easily attainable to convince Amazon it would ever need to shutter the thing. But avoiding it entirely can show the limits of Amazon’s efficacy in privatizing every single aspect of our lives. Aspects that, somewhere along the way, we all forgot should be the rights of any citizen.»

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