Dokfilm «Carmine Street Guitars»

Carmine Street Guitars heisst ein neuer Dokumentarfilm über Rick Kelly’s Gitarrenladen in New York. Der Film ist auf DVD erhältlich (via The Guardian)

«It was Jim Jarmusch who set the movie in motion. “I just find Rick a fascinating person,” he says. “Often, you’ll go into the shop, and it seems like nobody’s even in there. Rick and Cindy will be in the back, building instruments, so you can just go and hang out in the front on your own. I always leave there covered in sawdust.”

The central event in the film sees Kelly cycling out to pick up a piece of 160-year-old wood from McSorley’s Old Ale House, New York’s oldest bar, founded in 1854 and the subject of one of the all-time great New Yorker articles by Joseph Mitchell. Canadian director Mann seems to take his cue from Mitchell in his unhurried approach, capturing something more than merely guitars. As Kaye put it: “Shops like Rick’s, they just give a sort of hominess to a city, you know? In the afternoon, whenever I happen to need a break, I like to smoke a joint and stop into my favourite places. The used book store, the comic book place, the shop that sells bizarro antiques. Maybe buy something, maybe not. But just immerse myself in the museum of mankind.”»

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