Art Spiegelman und die Psychoanalyse

Art Spiegelman wurde vom Sigmund Freud-Museum in Wien zum Thema “Comics, Violence, and Psychoanalysis” eingeladen. Das interessante Gespräch mit Ulrike Kadi ist auf Youtube online:

«A cooperation between the Sigmund Freud Society Vienna and the Sigmund Freud Museum

The New York comic artist Art Spiegelman is visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum on the occasion of the comic-exhibition Narrating Violence. In conversation with Viennese psychoanalyst Ulrike Kadi, the Pulitzer Prize winner will talk about his work and the socio-political significance of comics, violence (representations) and the overlaps between comics and psychoanalysis.

Art Spiegelman is probably the most famous living comic author who created a “work of the century” with MAUS – A Survivor’s Tale (1986 & 1991). In it, he tells the story of his father, who survived Auschwitz. By drawing the figures with animal heads, Spiegelman created a new approach to depicting the Shoah and the reality of the extermination camp. His work In the Shadows of no Towers (2004) is also characterized by a reflexive examination of trauma and the power of (media) images.

“The story of the present is so interwoven with the story of the past. Comics are a great way to show this,” explained Art Spiegelman in an interview in 2022. The ability of comics to use the means of defamiliarization to represent even the unspeakable is also of particular interest to psychoanalysis. Art Spiegelman and Ulrike Kadi will therefore also discuss the similarities and differences between comics and psychoanalysis.»

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