Britische Dialekte zuordnen

Auf Sound Maps der British Library können via Landkarte Hörbeispiele von typischen britischen Dialekten abgespielt werden (via The Scout Report Vol. 19, No. 34):

«Can you locate a Cockney accent? What about the location of different traditional types of music in Britain? Both of these tasks are possible and quite enjoyable via the British Library’s Sound Maps website. Visitors are encouraged to use the interactive maps here to explore nine different sound clusters, including Music from India, Wildlife recordings, and Accent & Dialects. This last one is a great place to start as it contain hundreds of audio clips from all over Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Moving on, the Wildlife Recordings area features amphibian noises and chirps from all over Europe, and highlights include pool frogs from Albania and a Hungarian river warbler. The Soundscapes section is a real treat and includes over one hundred ambient soundscapes ranging from Polish woodlands to an industrial landscape in Ukraine.»

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