Die 100 besten TV-Serien des 21. Jahrhunderts

Die BBC hat von internationalen Expert*innen die 100 besten TV-Serien des 21. Jahrhunderts wählen lassen (via Philippe Wampfler auf Twitter):

«The result is a list that stands as a true testament to the power, versatility and innovation of the medium over the last two decades, from smalltown saga Gilmore Girls and caustic meta-comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, which both kicked off in the immediate shadow of the new millennium in October 2000, to the most recent entry, Barry Jenkins› transcendent adaptation of alt-history epic The Underground Railroad, which premiered in May 2021. At the same time, while the list is wide-ranging by some metrics, there are also ways in which it reflects significant biases. Ninety-two series feature English as their primary language, with Danish, Swedish, French, Spanish and German among the other languages featured. Meanwhile 79 shows in the top 100 were created by men, and just 11 by women, with 10 by a combination of men and women. Both these statistics speak to systemic industry inequities: however with non-English language series increasingly amassing huge international audiences, and a more diverse range of voices, in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation being given creative control, the TV landscape could shift once again in crucial and inspiring ways in the future – and it will certainly be interesting to see what the results of a similar poll might be in five, 10 or 20 years› time.»

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