Die letzte Videothek

Miguel Gomez führt Viva Video, eine der letzten Videotheken in einer Kleinstadt ausserhalb Philadelphias. Im Atlantic-Youtube-Video «The Last Video Store» wird er porträtiert (via The Atlantic):

«“We have a lot of people that see us as a museum or a curiosity,” Gomez says in the film. “They step in and want to feel the vibe of a video store. I prefer folks that I can recommend something to. I adore that sort of thing—turning people on to things that I think are really cool. Every one of those interactions reminds me of why a video store is awesome and why I need to keep one going.”

Gomez’s store, Viva Video, is more passion project than profit-making venture. It doesn’t pay the bills, so Gomez moonlights as a registered nurse. “I basically volunteer for Viva Video because I want it to be around,” he says.»

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