Experte werden mit Twitter

Hans de Zwart erklärt im Blogpost «How to Use Twitter to Become an Expert on Any Topic», wie Twitter zur Einarbeitung in ein neues Wissensgebiet genutzt werden kann (via Jane Hart’s Blog). Er schlägt folgendes Vorgehen vor:

«1. Start by typing your topic in the Twitter search field.
2. Find a tweet that interests you.
3. Click on the user name of the account that tweeted this tweet.
4. See if the biography of the user and their other tweets also are interesting to you. Also check if they have at least some followership (although very interesting sources could still have very few followers). If they are interesting click on their username once more.
5. Click on “Follow” to follow the user.
6. Twitter will suggest some users that might be interesting too, you can follow up on these later.
7. In the left menu click on “Lists”, then select “Member of” (find the link in the center of the page). See if there is a title of a list that speaks to your topic. Now you can start at step 2 again or you can select “List members” in the menu on the left and restart at step 3.
8. Continue with this loop (and occasionally backtrack) until you have at least 50 sources.
9. Keep adding sources as you find them, make sure to revisit this process once in while.»

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