The Annoyed Librarian spricht im Artikel «A Solution for School Libraries» das Verhältnis von Gefängnisbibliotheken zu Schulbibliotheken in den USA an:

«There are about 81,000 public school libraries in the United States. But there are 1.5 million federal and state prisons, and about 86,000 juvenile detention centers.

That’s right, America has more juvenile prisons than we have public school libraries and 18 times as many prisons. This is starting to be a problem that solves itself.

With proper library support, the kids will be more likely to be able to read and thus less likely to end up as criminals.

Schools continue to lose libraries and librarians, but the students still need support. Ironically, the way to keep kids from the school-to-prison pipeline might be to put the kids in prison in the first place, or at least the prison library.»

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