George Floyd and Black Lives Matter – A BBC My World special

BBC My World bringt eine Sondersendung zu den #BlackLivesMatter-Demonstrationen: «George Floyd and Black Lives Matter – A BBC My World special»:

«The death of George Floyd in the US has led to some of the biggest protests against racial inequality in years, and many young people are leading this movement. In a special programme from BBC My World we look at the history of police brutality against African Americans and how this has led to so many deaths. We speak to three teenagers about their experiences of growing up black and hear from the 15 year old who started a record-breaking ‘Justice for George Floyd’ petition, as well as the young people who signed it, about what justice means to them.

We’ll also show you what the protests are achieving – from laws changed to statues toppled – and how much has changed already.»

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