Index offener Behördendaten weltweit

Der Global Open Data Index vergleicht offene Behördendaten von 94 verschiedenen Ländern weltweit. Er bietet einen Gradmesser für die Offenheit der Daten. Australien belegt gemeinsam mit Taiwan Platz 1, Deutschland Platz 22, die Schweiz lediglich Platz 51 (via The Scout Report – Volume 23, Number 21, Best of 2016-2017):

«The Global Open Data Index was the most shared resource from The Scout Report this past year. Like our readers, we were impressed by this repository of government data from 94 different countries across the globe. These datasets are helpfully organized by country as well as topic, providing an invaluable tool for researchers and journalists. However, this resource will also be of interest to anyone curious about the relative openness of data around the world.

The Global Open Data Index, an initiative of Open Knowledge International, is at once an index of government open data and an assessment of these indexes. As the site notes, «Each year, governments are making more data available in an open format.» The Global Open Data Index tracks whether these data are released in a way that is open and accessible to citizens, the media, and the generally curious. The Index ranks countries based on the availability and accessibility of data across 13 categories (including Election Results, Government Spending, and Legislation), displaying the results in an easily navigated infographic and map. Visitors to the site may also view open datasets, when available, by following links on these graphs or by conducting a text search. This makes the Global Open Data Index an excellent one stop shop for national data. Country rankings are updated annually.»

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