Internetquellen ausdrucken

PrintWhatYouLike hilft Internetquellen so auszudrucken, wie man sie gerne haben möchte, z.B. ohne dunklen Hintergrund (via The Scout Report — Volume 22, Number 13):

«PrintWhatYouLike lets readers do something that is as simple as it is useful. From the homepage, type in a URL. From there, the site will take you to your chosen page and a toolbar will appear on the lefthand side. Select what you want to print from the page, using functions on the toolbar, such as whether to show or hide the background, whether to show or hide images, and wither to show or hide margins. Readers may also choose Auto Format, which cuts all images and backgrounds and produces the simplest possible text for printing. After you have established what you want and don’t want to print, select Print. PrintWhatYouLike is free, no sign up necessary.»

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