KI-Vergleichstest von Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land hat die verschiedenen Ki-Tools Google Bard, ChatGPT, Bing Chat und Claude verglichen (via Researchbuzz: Firehose und

«Bear in mind that the scope of this study was limited to 44 questions, so these results are based on a small sample. The query set was small because I researched accuracy and completeness for each response in detail – a very time-consuming task.

That said, here is where my conclusions stand:

Without considering the use of resources, Bard scored the highest overall, as it seemed to do the best job in understanding searcher intent.
However, once you consider how the tool provides citations and links to follow on resources, Bing Chat Creative easily wins, followed by Bing Chat Balanced. Bard’s failure to do this is a fundamental flaw.
ChatGPT and Claude have fundamental weaknesses because they can’t access current information or live webpages.
ChatGPT sees significant improvements once you install the MixerBox WebSearchG plugin.

It’s still the early days for this technology, and the developments will continue to come quickly and furiously.

Google and Bing have natural advantages over the long term. As they figure out how to leverage the knowledge they’ve gained from their history as search engines, they should be able to reduce hallucinations and improve their ability to better meet query intent.

We will see, however, how well each of them does at leveraging those capabilities and improving what they currently have.»

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