Vom 16.11.-4.12.2015 findet das von einem polnischen Team organisierte «International Cryptology Game» statt. Mehr dazu auf (Via E-Mail):

«The International Cryptology Game gives young people the opportunity to learn the secrets of cryptology and history in an entertaining way.

The project is called and is a web-based cryptology game aiming, among other of its goals, at educating people worldwide about one of the most important developments in the Second World War, i.e. the breaking of the Enigma code, and the role of the mathematicians in that achievement.

The game is intended for anyone interested in either history, mathematics, cryptology, ciphers or games in general, although it is not an entry requirement. Anyone who enjoys problem solving activities and games is welcome to join in and have fun!

The Game is available from November 16th
The teams can register even now!»

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