Leere Gestelle in Floridas Schulmediotheken

Charles Bethea schreibt im New Yorker über die Entfernung der Bücher in Floridas Schulen (via newyorker.com und librarian.space auf Instagram):

«In late January, at Greenland Pines Elementary, kids attended a party for an annual event called Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! Brian Covey, an entrepreneur in his late 30s, came to pick up his two kids. “Did you hear what happened at school today?” his daughter asked. “They took all the books out of the classrooms.” Covey asked which books. “All the books,” she said. A new law in Florida mandates that books in Florida’s public schools be free of pornography and suited to “student needs,” as determined by a librarian or school media specialist. The president of the Florida Education Association estimated that public-school teachers in a third of the state’s counties have been instructed to box or cover up books until they’ve been reviewed for compliance. “If I weren’t living through it, I wouldn’t believe it’s happening,” Covey said.»

Update vom 21.2.2023: Parents react to empty classroom, library shelves as DCPS continues book review

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