Mars Wissenschafts-Labor

Die NASA-Website Mars Science Laboratory bietet eine Fülle an Bildern, Videos und Daten zum Planeten Mars (via The Scout Report — Volume 21, Number 44):

«This excellent site from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) takes readers on a journey to the Red Planet through an assortment of images, videos, and highly informative data. Readers may like to start with the What’s New section, where they will find the latest posts from the Curiosity Rover’s explorations of the Red Planet’s surface. The Mission tab is also worth a visit as it provides a brief overview of the Mars Science Laboratory’s search for microbes as well as a closer look at the Technology, Instruments, and Mission Team behind the Rover. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the site, however, is the Multimedia tab where readers will find stunning Raw Images, an art gallery, Mars in 3D, as well as videos, interactives, and incredible Mosaics.»

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