Neue CC-Bildersuche (Beta)

Creative Commons verfügt über eine neue Bildersuche (via

«The new CC Search harnesses the power of open repositories, allowing users to search across a variety of open content through a single interface. The prototype of this tool focuses on photos as its first media and uses open APIs in order to index the available works. The search filters allow users to search by license type, title, creator, tags, collection, and type of institution.»

Update vom 10.2.2017: Phil Bradley’s Weblog: Creative Commons debuts appalling search engine:

«All that I can say is that I hope they’ll release a rather more effective version in the near future, and if they do, I’ll be sure to let you know. I really hope that they do, since it’s going to be fantastic to use when it works. But it’s currently a case of ‹when› rather than ‹works›. «

Karen Blakeman’s Blog: New Creative Commons image search – back to the drawing board I’m afraid:

«Admittedly, CC Image Search is a prototype and in beta so one would expect there to be a few glitches. However, glitches seem to be the norm. I ran several more tests and the main stumbling block is that it combines terms using OR. There is no other option or any commands one can use to change that. My second concern is where on earth do the tags on the CC Search photo pages come from? Most of them do not appear on the original source page and many are completely wrong. I’m afraid it is back to the drawing board for CC Search.»

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