Niderämter Schwizerdütsch

Meine amerikanische Cousine Stephanie hat ein umfangreiches Niderämter Wörterbuch ins Netz gestellt, das ihr Vater (mein Onkel) in langjähriger Arbeit erstellt hat (via E-Mail):

«For my dad, even though he speaks English like a native speaker, along with French and Italian, his mother tongue is with him always. Growing up in Gretzenbach, Switzerland, his dialect is Niderämter Schwizerdütsch. He’s been working on this Swiss German dictionary for as long as I can remember. Everything written here, apart from this short introduction, is his words. I have a printed copy in a binder on my bookshelf. When a word comes to him he jots in down. A devoted jotter, he is. On a fairly regular basis, he’ll tweak a word, or replace it all together. Like everything dad undertakes, there is curiosity and perspective. He would never suggest that this dictionary is exhaustive. But, it is nonetheless more exhaustive than anything I’ve come across. That is his way. It always struck me as a great shame that he never tried to publish it as a book. But, as he told me when he shared these files with me, a dictionary is a living, breathing thing – always evolving. And, so it came to pass that I decided to turn it into a website, so that others could enjoy it too.»

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