Old English Poetry in Facsimile

Die Website Old English Poetry in Facsimile ist macht digitale Manuskriptbilder, Transkriptionen und Übersetzungen altenglischer Poesie online zugänglich (via Archivalia):

«• A collaborative, open-access resource linking together moments of digital manuscript images, transcriptions, editorial annotations and translations of Old English poetry, to better allow people to study and explore these works.

• Over 160 works of every genre of Old English verse, more than 30% of the poetic corpus, have been re-edited in the project so far (with Kevin Kiernan’s Electronic Beowulf, that’s over 40% of the corpus edited to digital facsimile). Planned completion of project: 2028-2030.

• Combines older editorial traditions with “bigger data” resources and research for more comprehensive lexical, dialectal and orthographic editorial readiings.

• Editions practice «restorative retention» – emending only as a last resort, and with an emphasis on description rather than prescription wherever possible – in an effort to better preserve and understand linguistic and poetic heterogeneity in early medieval England.»

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