Podcast zum Thema Datenschutz

The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast auf Soundcloud berichtet wöchentlich über Datenschutz-Themen. Aktuell gibt es z.B. die Special Edition: The CIA Leaks, in der u.a. erklärt wird, weshalb es sinnvoll ist, den Smart-TV nicht ans WLAN anzuschliessen (via Newsletter von inteltechniques.com):

«This week, Wikileaks distributed a huge trove of documents stolen from CIA archives. This collection detailed how the CIA has possibly compromised our smart TV’s, encrypted communications, iPhones, and practically every type of connected device. Many of the media reports are simply inaccurate, and this has created panic that has spread like wildfire throughout various news outlets. Hackers are likely salivating at the potential data releases that are likely to follow. Therefore, my podcast co-host Justin Carroll and I released a special edition of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast dedicated to tackling this issue and providing easy solutions.»

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