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Das Internet-Archiv hat seine Website neu gestaltet (Beta). Ein Grund dafür ist die Zunahme von audiovisuellen Inhalten auf der Website (via

«Today the beta has the same basic functions as the current site, with some great additions: more visual cues to help you find things, facets on collections to quickly get you where you want to go, easy searching within collections, user pages, and many more. We think it’s already an improvement over the current site – otherwise, we wouldn’t be showing it to you yet!

But the tools that will allow you to create your own collections and collaborate with others are still being built. These features will be released in stages so that we can test them out in the beta and see how they work for people. We will use feedback from patrons – both what you tell us, and the usage logs for the beta – to make decisions about how things will evolve.»

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