Schulmediothekar*innen als «Arm Satans»

«Satan ist in Bibliotheken» schreibt Mattlibrarian auf Bluesky. Der Kontext findet sich in amerikanischen Zeitungsberichten:

“Satan is in Libraries”

Well if he can provide photo ID with his current address then he is entitled to sign up for a library card. We also have other ways he can sign up if he is currently without identification

— Matt ( Jun 16, 2024 at 5:27


«But there was still time to fight back, Anderson said. He called on the God-fearing people of Metropolis to meet the enemy where Satan was planning his assault: at their town’s library.»


«There are signs on people’s lawns calling librarians pedophiles.” They face pressure from principals and administrators over book displays, and “neighbors talk about them being an arm of Satan.”

Some librarians are fighting back; others have lost or left their jobs. The culture wars over books come at a time when about 27% of public libraries have reduced staff because of budget cuts and other reasons, according to a 2021 national survey. Lessa Kanani’opua Pelayo-Lozada, president of the American Library Assn., said librarians’ problems are compounded by attacks that are part of an effort “seeking to abolish diverse ideas and erode this country of freedom of expression. I see it as the dismantling of education.”»

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