Science-Fiction Kanon


James Wallace Harris weist im SF Signal-Artikel «How Well-Read Are You in Science Fiction?» auf die Website Worlds Without End hin (via LISNews auf Twitter):

«There are numerous lists of great science fiction based on fan polls, awards, lists made by critics and scholars, and even meta-lists of lists. The best site I know that’s gathered most of these lists is Worlds Without End. It has collected 27 award lists, 26 lists by fans, scholars, critics and list makers, and generates 8 composite lists from their databases. Worlds Without End is also a free book management database for SF/F/H readers, much like GoodReads and LibraryThing.»

Für Bibliotheken interessant ist z.B. die Worlds Without End Top Listed:

«If you scan down the full Worlds Without End Top Listed list, you’ll see the kind of books studied in higher education when they offer a course in science fiction, and the books that would be called The Science Fiction Canon. This is why I guess above the Science Fiction Canon would contain less than 200 books.»

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