Sticky Tabs und App Readwise

@nateliason I have hundreds of books that are marked up, and yes I do end up using these little sticky tabs. And it’s because sometimes I read for entertainment, but I’m often reading to try to become smarter and to enhance my future writing, videos, podcasts, and other work. So these sticky tabs are actually the first step of my process to make the most out of every book I read. Let me show you how it works. First, as I’m reading, I underline anything that stands out to me. Then I add one of these sticky tabs so I can find those underlines again in the future. When I’m done reading the book, I go through and extract all of those highlights using a tool called Readwise. Use my link ( for a two month free trial! It lets me scan the page and automatically save whatever I highlighted. Then all of those highlights get saved into my Notion database, and when I’m working on a video, podcast, article, or anything else, I can immediately search through all my book highlights to find any reference I’m looking for. It is extremely useful for getting the most out of every book you read, and I highly recommend you give it a try. #notetaking #annotatedbooks #readingadvice ♬ original sound – Nat Eliason

nateliason auf TikTok hat ein ausgefeiltes Lese-Annotations-System mit Sticky Tabs. Die markierten Lesestellen scannt er mit der App Readwise.

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