Talk Nerdy

Cara Santa Maria interviewt in ihrem wöchentlichen Podcast «Talk Nerdy» Wissenschaftler zu verschiedenen Themen (via The Scout Report – Volume 22, Number 18):

«Cara Santa Maria is an award winning journalist who has hosted shows on brain surgery for the National Geographic Channel and tornadoes for the Weather Channel, among other feats. She also hosts a fantastic weekly science podcast called Talk Nerdy. Recent episodes have featured paleontologists, anatomists, evolutionary biologists, citizen scientists, atheists, science journalists, authors, artists, and quantum physicists. Readers will likely appreciate Cara’s warm tone, her inimitable wit, and her ability to bring out the loquacious in her guests. With over 100 podcasts to listen to, including one in which Cara interviews 10-year old Stella Krone, an unusually advanced student with a yen for genetics, almost anyone will find something fascinating in this entertaining collection.»

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