Twitter will sein komplettes Archiv für Forschende öffnen (via

«Twitter says interested academics and developers can apply to the new academic research track on the company’s developer website. The track will, however, come with some limitations. For now, the company will not grant access to independent researchers or journalists. You’ll have to be a student or part of an academic institution. Twitter also says it will be not be providing access to data from accounts that have been suspended or banned, which could complicate efforts to study hate speech, misinformation, and other types of conversations that violate Twitter rules.

This also means the account @realDonaldTrump is also not accessible through Twitter’s archive following US social media sites’ widespread deplatforming of Trump following the deadly US Capitol attack. Still, Trump’s tweets are archived online through his official presidential library, while independent websites and database tools like The Trump Twitter Archive and ProPublica’s Politwoops have also been preserving the former president’s tweets, included the deleted ones.»

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