Unpaywall Firefox Add-on

Unpaywall zeigt grüne Open-Access-Versionen kostenpflichtiger Aufsätze an. Seit heute funktioniert jetzt das Unpaywall Add-on auf Firefox (via Archivalia und Newsletter Unpaywall).

Update vom 29.3.2017, School Library Journal: Unpaywall: Free, legal access to scholarly articles! (and a couple of other strategies)

«So if you are searching on Google or on Google Scholar and you see a perfect article and you don’t see a happy HTML or PDF note on the right of the results, and you cannot get to the document without access to the wealth of a university library login, give this a try. Click on the result and see if one of these little tabs floats along the right edge of the screen.»

Update vom 8.5.2017, bookbytes: Nach Open Access und Copyright – Technologie!

«Die Breite des Angebots und das Maß an Transparenz, das durch Unpaywall geschaffen wird, dürfte weltweit über jeden Bibliothekskatalog hinausgehen.»

Update vom 2.6.2016, The Scout Report – Volume 23, Number 22:

«Open access journals are making research findings more accessible within and beyond academia. However, these journals are relatively young and few in number, representing just a drop in the flood of research findings currently being published. As such, publication-quality research in many fields is only available within the pages of traditional fee-for-access journals. These journals frequently allow authors to upload and distribute pre-publication versions of their papers to promote the published versions, and many authors do, but these are often difficult to locate. The Unpaywall browser extension addresses that problem. The extension uses data aggregated from PubMed Central, the DOAJ, Crossref, DataCite, GoogleScholar, and BASE to alert users when a free version of a paper is available. The Unpaywall FAQ estimates that free full text versions can be located from 50-85% of publications depending on topic and publication year. The plugin and the data driving it are provided by Impactstory, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with funding from the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Unpaywall is available for Chrome and Firefox.»

Update vom 6.6.2018, ciberaBlog: Automatische Suche nach Open Access-Versionen mit Unpaywall

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