Quartz schreibt im Artikel «The sweet, sexy smell of old books is a perfume fad» über Bücherduft, die Vermarktung als Parfum und den Grund für die Anziehungskraft:

«The appeal of old books’ smell has been studied in depth. Wood-based paper contains lignin, a chemical closely related to vanillin, the compound that gives vanilla its fragrance. As the pages age and the compounds break down, they release that signature scent. An experienced rare book handler can date a volume by scent alone, according to the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. (…)

The paper used for books today contains much less lignin than that of old volumes. That reissue of Hemingway is never going to smell as nice as a first edition, no matter how long it stays on your shelf. A book that smells like a book is a relic of how we used to spend time.»

Update vom 19.6.2016: «Why Do Old Books Smell So Good?» (via Stephen’s Lighthouse)

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