Was bedeutet es, eine Schulbibliothekarin zu sein?

Podcast mit Elisabeth Hutchinson und Darryl Toerien (via elizabethahutchinson.com)

«FOSIL, Education and School Libraries delve deeper…

In this episode, Darryl and I continue our conversation about Douglas Knight’s understanding of there being two major and unique functions of a library, regardless of type. These two functions are:-

First, school libraries make possible meetings of mind and ideas which are not limited by our normal boundaries of time, space, and social or economic level.

To say this is to suggest the second great function of a library. It is the institution in our society which allows and encourages the development, the extension of ideas — not their passive absorption, but their active generation. … The technical means of his encounter may be a record, a tape, a film, a print-out or — most radical of all — a book. Libraries are not bounded by means; they will and should employ any means to achieve their ends.»

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