Wie sich Google Scholar verbessern liesse

José Louis Ricón schreibt auf Nintil unter dme Titel «A better Google Scholar», wie sich Google Scholar verbessern liesse:

«This mockup starts by taking the existing Google Scholar and removing the «include citations» and «include patents» which I never use. Sorting has been moved to the top whereas filtering remains in the sidebar. Filtering by date remains there, but now with explicit time bounds by default. One of the Twitter requests was to add filtering by element type (which here I copied from Scite.ai) and I have also added filtering by Systematic review or meta-analysis status as I use that a lot. As with Scite, badges would display Retractions/Errata/Expressions of concern. Pubpeer comments (Or from other sources) are added below the paper, next to the citations. Unlike Scite, I only show the title, the year, the author(s) and the journal.

The functionality provided by Meta-Search would be subsumed by that «Find all downstream work» button, that would fetch everything that cited that paper (and everythin that those works was cited by and so forth), sort it, and return it in a single browsable page.

The largest divergence from the original Scholar is adding a rating system. These stars could either reflect how used the paper is (By clicks on it) or explicitly would enable users to add a rating to any one given paper. The star ratings displayed would include those from academics (say using a registered academic email address) and/or any other visitor to the site.

Not included here is graph-based browsing (That would be its own tab).»

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