1’500 Handschriften auf e-codices


In den vergangenen zehn Jahren sind via e-codices ca. 15% der Schweizerischen mittelalterlichen Handschriften digitalisiert worden. Das entspricht 1’500 Manuskripten, ungefähr 1’300 aus dem Mittelalter. Für über 350 Handschriften wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit Fachpersonen neue wissenschaftliche Beschreibungen erstellt (via Büro DLB bzw. e-codices newsletter 3/2016).

Update vom 1.4.2016: e-codices wird in «The Scout Report — Volume 22, Number 13» erwähnt:

«Sometimes one of the best uses of new technology is to allow us to enjoy old technology, and the e-codices Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland is designed to do just that. The mission of e-codices «is to provide free online access to medieval and early modern manuscripts from public and church-owned collections as well as from numerous private collections» in Switzerland. The digital reproductions are linked with corresponding scholarly descriptions, so that visitors to the website can enjoy images of 1,500 manuscripts, while simultaneously reading scholarly commentary. In addition, e-codices has made a commitment to using open source software and open standards. The Mirador viewer is provided for side by side comparison of pages, and an e-codices app is available for iPhone and iPad. In the spirit of open source, a wealth of technical and structural information for other digital library implementers can be found in the About section of the site. There’s a person index and an index of annotations, and broad searches can be refined by a large number of facets, such as library/Collection, Country of origin, and whether the manuscript is illuminated or not.»

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