Gedichte der britischen romantischen Periode

Die Website «Poetry Lesson Plan: British Romantic Period» behandelt Gedichte von William Wordsworth, Percy Bysshe Shelley und John Keates und bietet weiterführende Materialien für den Unterricht (via The Scout Report – Volume 26, Number 5):

«High school literature and language arts teachers may enjoy this lesson plan from The Society of Classical Poets (a New York-based nonprofit «dedicated to the revival and proliferation of good, new poetry,»). The lesson plan focuses on the British Romantic Period, with the objective of instilling in students an appreciation of «some of the greatest works in English literature.» The curriculum features poems by William Wordsworth (a Beethoven-era «moralist» poet), Percy Bysshe Shelley (known for his takes on love and justice), and John Keates (a self-made poet whose work contained striking imagery), and explores the meaning, technique, and interpretation of their poetry. The curriculum includes: discussion questions, lecture scripts, copies of the poems (downloadable as Word documents), and suggested assignments. Throughout the lesson plan, there are links to background resources and essays by experts on topics such as (for example) Shelly’s religious views, as well as helpful definitions of poetic terms. This lesson plan is designed for students grades 11-12 and is intended for use over 2-3 weeks. The website as a whole also features other useful resources, such as poetry and essay collections, additional lesson plans and timelines, and a workshop space to get feedback on «poetry-related questions.»»

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