Amerikanische Songs auf der Website der LoC

mexican girls
Alan Lomax: Mexican girls, San Antonio, Tex. 1934 Apr. LC-DIG–ppmsc-00277 (digital file from original)

Die Library of Congress (LoC) macht auf der Website «Songs of America» Lieder aus ihrer Sammlung zugänglich (via The Scout Reporter Vol. 21, No. 2):

«This beautiful collection from the Library of Congress traces the multitude of cultures and voices that inform American music, from Irish hymns to Indian ragas. Educators will find rich resources on the page, starting with the Educator’s Guide to Songs of America, but also covering topics like Stand Up and Sing: Music and Our Reform History. Click on any of the Featured Items or navigate to Collection Items for audio and video recordings of a diverse range of American music. Then read the Articles and Essays and examine Interactive Maps, Timelines, Biographies, and many other informative modules.»

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