«Best of» englischsprachige Online-Ressourcen 2015-2016

The Scout Report hat ein interessantes «Best of The Scout Report» des zu Ende gehenden akademischen Jahres 2015-2016 erstellt. Bis auf chemistry set wurden die Angebote bis jetzt im digithek blog nicht erwähnt (via Scout-Report-Newsletter):

The Refugee Project

«It is hard to say what exactly is most compelling about the Refugee Project. Perhaps the highlight is the site’s ability to provide users with a deeper understanding of the trends in refugee statistics. Or maybe, it’s the opportunity to track the routes of refugees, past and present, as they attempt to find a new place to call home. Either way, this interactive map, both visually appealing and information-rich, offers a dynamic look into the past as it progresses to the present. Anyone wishing to be informed about the complex situation that has become today’s refugee crisis would do well to investigate this resource.»

Stinks, Bangs and Booms: The Rise and Fall of the American Chemistry Set (da war das digithek blog für einmal schneller als der scout report, siehe Beitrag vom 7.4.2015 zum Thema Nominierungen Webby Awards 2015)

«As captivating as it is well designed, this unique website provides an interactive and cinematic experience that details the stages of invention, popularity, public disenchantment, and the eventual rebirth of the chemistry set. We love that users are kept engaged throughout the entire experience, progressing through the timeline by completing brief games and activities. Brimming with interesting facts, images, and quotations, this resource can be considered among the best examples of digital humanities for its use of digital tools and technologies to highlight the historical, cultural, and scientific facets behind this now iconic artifact.»

Histography: Timeline of History

«While online resources such as Wikipedia provide quick and easy access to historical information, the vast quantity of facts and figures can make the browsing process overwhelming. Viewed out of direct context, it’s also easy to miss the subtle and overt connections that link historical events and actors across time and space. Understandably, then, readers and members of the Scout staff alike were quickly enamored with Histography. This interactive timeline categorizes and contextualizes important historical events, providing instant access to billions of years of history.»

Free Code Camp

«It’s no surprise that the Scout staff values Computer Science. With that in mind, we loved that this website offers a unique and generous gift to its visitors: the opportunity to learn viable coding skills at no cost. Free Code Camp offers exercises to help develop JavaScript and database coding skills, four possible certifications to earn, as well as the opportunity to join a community of fellow coding hopefuls. Most notably, Free Code Camp’s simple, organized design is approachable and pleasant, welcoming the wary.»

Birds-of-Paradise Project

«A rare and fascinating look at all 39 species in the birds-of-paradise family, this site leaves little to be desired with its vast collection of images, sounds, and high quality videos that was eight years and eighteen expeditions in the making. From scientific resources to highly entertaining footage of elaborate mating dances, this website is as colorful as it is informative and has something to offer Ornithologists and laymen alike.»

Home Movie Registry

«When it comes to archival material, most people think of documents, photographs, or the occasional news clip. Rarely, however, do home videos come to mind. We love that the Home Movie Registry not only directs its attention toward the preservation and collection of amateur films, but that through the collaborative efforts of archives and museums across the country, material in the HMR may be easily accessed by anyone. We encourage readers to explore the intimate family moments captured here, and the many ways that home movies can be used to shed light on important components of American culture and history.»


«ScienceBlogs does not rely on astounding graphics or an elaborate interactive feature for popularity. Rather, its undeniable utility and quality of content are what set this science blog apart from others. Its expansive database is consistently up-to-date with the newest blog postings from the humanities to the physical sciences, and everything in between. It’s virtually a one-stop shop for finding news and information of all sorts, even devoting a tab for pieces posted in the Last 24 Hours.»

Yummy Math

«Here at the Scout Report, we are routinely on the lookout for resources that bridge the gap between learning and fun. Yummy Math is an excellent resource and its collection of math-based activities is updated frequently. Not only do entries correspond to K-12 curriculum standards, but they integrate real world examples that often involve food, film characters, professional sports players, and the occasional historical figure. There is lot to offer students across many interest areas here, which is why Yummy Math is a treasure trove for educators and parents looking to enrich math learning.»

MoEML: The Map of Early Modern London

«Venturing from the twenty-first century into the streets of early modern England hasn’t always been easy, but thanks to this intricately detailed interactive Map, that is no longer the case. Users can search by street name or category of location, and by clicking on a particular building or street, the user is linked to a series of documents detailing its history and role in society. We appreciate the work that went into each component of this project, including the detailed Encyclopedia and the Library of primary sources that helped recreate this glimpse into the world of William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth, and London’s many lesser-known inhabitants.»


«It’s easy to see why readers were immediately drawn to Atavist with its sharp aesthetic appeal and integrative approach to graphic storytelling. Its user-friendly interface synthesizes narrative methods developed by predecessors such as Youtube, Instagram, and WordPress, offering exciting new directions for creative projects like longform essay writing. We think Atavist just may become a staple for anyone looking to create visually appealing and impactful presentations or projects.»

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