Bing Übersetzer

bing-uebersetzer-logoDer Bing Übersetzer ist eine lohnenswerte Alternative zum Google Übersetzer (via The Scout Report, 11.9.2015, Volume 21, Number 35):

«Microsoft’s online Bing translator is free, easy, and getting better all the time. The service translates between 57 languages, including two varieties of Klingon (for the truly obsessed Trekkies out there), Yucatec Maya, and the more commonly used languages like Spanish, French, Russian, English, or Portuguese. To translate simply copy and paste a text into the left hand box. For instance, pasting the French phrase «Cette dame paie pour tout» into the text box returns the English translation «This lady pays for everything.» One might also like to have that phrase in Arabic, Russian, or Hmong Daw, and all of this can be accomplished simply by changing the target language in the text box on the right. While debates have long continued on whether Bing Translator or Google Translates works better, most experts agree that the two are more or less equivalent. Readers might like to try both and simply see which one they like better.»

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