Bing Videosuche

bing-videosuche-logoDie Bing Videosuche ist mittlerweile besser als die Google Videosuche (via Phil Bradley’s Weblog):

«Bing has recently much improved their video search offering. The layout is far better – depending on your screen size you can get from between 4 to 6 thumbnails. You can cursor over each image and if the originating site allows, you can get a preview of the video – they take segments from the whole video to give you a good idea of what you’re going to be looking at. Underneath each video you get the factual details about the video, such as length, when it was posted, how many views it’s had and what the originating site is. You can also search with filters such as length, date, resolution, source, price (if there is one), and safesearch options. Once you scroll down a screen you also have a handy little ‹people interested in [your search] also searched for…»

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