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CarrotSearch_July_2016Carrot Search Suchoptionen Juli 2016

Karen Blakeman erklärt im Blogpost «Alternatives to Google: Carrot Search and«, was hinter den Suchmaschinen Carrot Search und steckt:

«Strictly speaking, neither Carrot Search nor eTools are Google free: eTools is a metasearch tool that has Google as one of its sources and Carrot Search uses eTools for its web search. At the start of the year, Carrot Search offered 7 options for searching under tabs across the top of the search screen including Web, “wiki”, Bing, News, Images, PubMed and Jobs. Web search used to provide the results. (…)

eTools in any case is a metasearch engine covering 17 tools including Google, Bing and Wikipedia so the extra Carrot Search tabs did seem to be unnecessary. The full list can be seen on the eTools home page.»



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