Die Website Design is fine bietet Einblick in die Geschichte des Designs. Es gibt auch eine Kategorie Schweizer Design (via The Scout Report — Volume 23, Number 3):

«»Imagine a time with no computers but with lots of craftsmanship and creativity,» poses the tagline of the website Design is Fine, History is Mine. Created by a design history instructor from Germany, Design is Fine, History is Mine showcases gorgeous – and sometimes unusual – works of design throughout history. Here, visitors can examine the colorful, bold carpets of Swedish textile designer Josef Frank; an eighteenth century British coffee pot designed to look like a pineapple; and a photograph of the «Blickensderfer 6,» a portable typewriter crafted in 1906. Frequently updated, Design is Fine, History is Mine currently contains hundreds of fascinating items. Visitors can browse these items by century or decade (the collection also contains items pre dating the fifteenth century, which visitors can browse by using the tabs titled B.C and A.D., respectively); by designer; by item type (e.g. abstract art, graphic design, tea & coffee); and more.»

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