Digital Collections der New York Public Library


Auf die NYPL digital collections wurde im digithek blog bereits am 1.9.2014 und am 6.1.2016 aufmerksam gemacht. Phil Bradley hat sich die Angebote der NYPL genauer angesehen und ist hoch zufrieden:

«What a treasure trove of images! I finally got around to looking at the collection of digitised images from the New York Public Library, and it’s a wonderful place to spend a while. Maps, posters, ancient texts, drawings and manuscripts – over 600,000 images, without use restrictions. Each image comes complete with information about it; artist, date created, genre, download options, library locations, notes, rights statement and so on. You can expand the image to view it more clearly, print directly from the browser window, or rotate it. You can even turn it into a 3D image in some cases.

Search is fantastic. You can browse; items, collections and divisions and also keyword search. Then you can filter by topic, name, collection, place, genre and so on. When you’ve found the image you want you can download it, order an original scan or an art print, and you can share the image across Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Whatever your interest, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something of interest to you – and yes, I did try a search for ‹Everton› and I got back a fair number of images, mainly cigarette cards of players from the 1930s!

It’s Friday – treat yourself for a couple of minutes to see what you can find.»

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