Digitalisierung des größten Gospel-Archivs

«Digitizing the Biggest Gospel Record Archive ‪@AllRoadsLeadToTexas‬ #shorts» auf Youtube. Mehr dazu auf

«The rich and soulful sounds from the «Golden Age of Gospel» (roughly 1945-1975) are distinctly African American. They are the voices of men and women who loved to sing and raise their voices in praise. Black gospel groups moved from town-to-town to raise money to live daily, and then moved on to the next church. Along their journey, they found time to record their unique renditions and compositions. This fertile musical time period in American history is a cultural snapshot revealing the depth of a people, their community, and the influence they have had on the rest of American music. These recordings, containing valuable history and culture, are rapidly disappearing and must be preserved.»

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