Grossbritannien im Film


Das British Film Institute bietet mit Map of Britain On Film eine interaktive Karte des britischen und irischen Films (via The Scout Report – Volume 22, Number 41):

«Film fans and Anglophiles alike will want to check out the British Film Institute’s interactive Map of Britain On Film. Here, the British Film Institute (BFI) has mapped out the settings of hundreds of films throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Visitors can search for films by location by clicking on a pin that indicates how many film scenes the institute has identified in a particular place (for example, visitors will find 52 films set in Manchester and 122 set in Belfast). Visitors can also search for films by decade or by subjects (tagged subjects range from «pageants» to «football matches» to «factories.» Best of all, visitors are able to instantly watch short clips of identified films. There are clips from throughout British film history in this collection, including those that date back to the earliest days of film. This remarkable and engrossing tool illustrates both the importance of geography in film as well as how film can play a role in constructing and representing space.»

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