Journal der ungelösten Fragen

Das Journal of unsolved questions schreibt über das Scheitern von Forschungen (via Podcast «Reden wir offen» Teil 1 bzw. JUnQ about):

«Our vision is establishing the publication of null-results as an important cornerstone for the advancement of knowledge and scientific understanding in all disciplines thus con- tributing to overcome biases and fraud in research.

We want to achieve this goal by making “negative” and “null”-results from all fields of science available to the sci- entific community. This means that we publish scientific ar- ticles about projects where a research hypothesis is neither confirmed nor rejected, where a standard opinion in science can not be reproduced or where the desired outcome was not achieved. Most research projects produce ambiguous results, in our opinion this should be visible in publication media. The articles are peer reviewed and the decision on whether to publish a paper will be made solely by independent referees.»

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