Kryptologiespiel «The Codebreakers»

Bald findet die Jubiläumsausgabe des kostenlosen internationalen Kryptologiespiels TheCodebreakers statt (via E-Mail):

«We would like to inform you about the upcoming anniversary edition of the free international cryptology game, TheCODEBREAKERS. It is devoted to the mathematicians who broke the Enigma Cipher 90 years ago , contributing to the success of the Allies during World War II.

The game is intended for anyone interested in either history, mathematics, cryptology, ciphers or games in general, although it is not an entry requirement. Anyone who enjoys problem solving activities and games is welcome to join in and have fun!

Participants of the game will play at being adepts of secret services and getting to know the secrets of a cryptologist’s work. It combines elements of history, math and logic. Teams consist of three people that are involved in the struggle, learning about encryption and decryption methods to solve virtual puzzles and break increasingly difficult messages.

Currently, over 12 000 participants from all over the world have participated in previous editions of the game. The individual teams that win will receive prizes and certificates.»

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