Bookriot gibt unter dem Titel «How I Track My Reading: The Ultimate Reading Spreadsheet» Tipps, wie man ein einfaches Lesetagebuch führen kann. Nützlich ist dabei das Spreadsheet-Template, das sich im eigenen Google Drive-Konto abspeichern lässt:

«Open it, click “File- Make a Copy” and save it to your own Google Drive. Columns J and K (“Pages to Date” and “Number of Books Finished”) are already formulated to give you totals. Add or delete columns as you need them. It’s massively customizable- if you want to track how many people of color you’re reading, for example, just add the column and header, put a “1” in it every time the book is written by a person of color, and formulate the cell at the bottom of the column (or wherever) to calculate the sum total of the column.»

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