Lou Reeds Archiv in der NYPL

Laurie Anderson hat das Archiv ihres verstorbenen Ehemanns Lou Reed der New York Public Library übergeben (via The New York Times):

«“I really didn’t want this to disappear into an archive for only people who have white gloves,” Ms. Anderson said in an interview at her office in TriBeCa, a short riverside walk from the home she shared with Reed in the West Village. “I wanted people to see the whole picture.” (…)

The heart of the archive, and the material that is likely to provide the most surprises for fans and scholars, is the audio collection. There are about 3,600 audio and 1,300 video recordings, in formats that reflect the evolution of the music industry over a half-century, from reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes to digital audiotapes and, finally, computer hard drives. (…)

Ms. Anderson said that the library’s mandate of making its collections available to the public was central to her decision to place the archive there. But she also felt that it all simply belonged in New York. (…)

She also giggled a little, and made a mock librarian’s shush, as she added: “I just love that somebody who is so loud is in the New York Public Library.”»

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