In der im Oktober 2019 eröffneten Poetry Pharmacy der Dichterin Deborah Alma in Bishop’s Castle, England gibt es Gedichte als Medizin (via

«She also runs poetry workshops and poetic consultations, inviting her «patients» into a consultation room, asking them a list of questions and then «prescribing» them with a carefully chosen poem.

She said: «I think, if there’s a skill in what I do, it’s getting the right poem to the right person after getting to know them a little bit and talking to them.

«When I give a poem to someone it becomes theirs and they own it – they stick it in on their fridge and it can be reassuring, uplifting, lots of things.»

Ms Alma worked with dementia patients for years and saw «how poetry can change someone’s mood and also how people like to be listened to very carefully, so carefully that you write down what they say and value what they say».»

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