Mehr als 500’000 Stücke auf Europeana Sounds

Auf Europeana Sounds sind seit Kurzem mehr als 500’000 Stücke online (via Researchbuzz: Firehose bzw.

«I’m delighted to announce that we have now passed the half million barrier. We have 500,000 sounds aggregated by the Europeana Sounds project. That’s just under 400,000 metadata records (some of which link to more than one sound). (…)

Our recordings range from the very earliest ever made from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Almost every recording format is represented: wax cylinders, shellac, quarter inch tape, compact discs, DATs and digital audio files. There are recordings made from all over the world: from Mongolia to Micronesia, from Uganda to the Urals – they’re not just recordings from the data providers’ own country of origin!»

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