Musikalische Endlosschlaufe

«The Infinite Jukebox» erlaubt es, Musikstücke hochzuladen, die dann in einer musikalischen Endlosschlaufe abgespielt werden (via The Scout Report Vol. 21, Nr. 15, 17.4.2015):

«For readers who love listening to their favorite songs again and again, The Infinite Jukebox may come as somewhat of a revelation. For an introduction, readers may go to the site and click on a few of the popular tunes listed on the homepage. For instance, selecting Superstition by Stevie Wonder kicks off the 1972 hit in the way you’ve always heard it. But then The Infinite Jukebox takes over, matching beats and rhythmic patterns to create intelligent patterns for where the song can go next. No simple loop here. Instead the song plays for as long as the listener would like, but with seemingly infinite variety. Once users understand the basic principle, they can upload their own MP3s for free and let The Infinite Jukebox reorganize them into epic soundtracks for their working day.»

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