Neue Chefin bei Google Search

Die neue Chefin von Google Search heisst Liz Reid (via ZBW Media Talk auf Mastodon und

«There are few bigger jobs at Google than being the person who runs Search. As of today, there’s a new person in that seat: Liz Reid, who has been at Google for more than 20 years and has most recently been leading the company’s efforts with AI search, known as Search Generative Experience (SGE). (…)

Google Search will almost certainly look more like SGE over time. It will increasingly trade links for answers — and Reid has acknowledged that figuring out how to cite those answers, and continue to be a good partner to the open web, is part of her ongoing challenge. Pichai and others have been saying AI is the future for some time but have preached patience as the company tries to wrangle and improve all this nascent technology. But with Reid and Venkatachary now at the helm of the product, it looks like the AI era in Google might be coming faster than we realized.»

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