Open Textbook Library

Die Open Textbook Library bietet kostenlose und günstige Lehrbücher zu verschiedenen akademischen Fächern (via The Scout Report – Volume 26, Number 20):

«Each year the Scout Report features a variety of materials designed for educators and students. Amid an impressive array, Open Textbook Library was a clear favorite. The resource is committed to curating no- and low-cost textbooks for a variety of academic subjects. With a plethora of titles for both STEM and Humanities classes, the collection makes education more accessible to educators and students across academic concentrations.

The University of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Library provides educators, students, and lifelong learners an excellent resource for finding high-quality digital textbooks. Here, visitors will find a large collection of openly-licensed textbooks that can be downloaded for free as PDF or e-book files. The books come from multiple authors and publishing organizations, and cover a wide range of academic areas, including the humanities, natural and social sciences, and mathematics, as well as medicine and law. For visitors curious about the effectiveness of a particular volume, many of the books in the Open Textbook Library also include detailed reviews written by faculty and instructors. In addition to reviews, the landing page for each textbook typically shows its table of contents, a brief description of the book and of its intended audience, and information about its authors, so that readers can better decide whether they should download it. The Open Textbook Library is maintained and supported by the Open Textbook Network and the Center for Open Education, which are also based at the University of Minnesota.»

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