Poetry in Science

Poetry in Science untersucht das Thema Wissenschaft in der US-amerikanischen Lyrik. In verlinkten Videos unterhält sich Elisa New z.B. mit Al Gore über Emersons «Each and All» (via The Scout Report – Volume 25, Number 44, Poetry in Science)

«Literature enthusiasts and science aficionados alike may appreciate Poetry in Science, an ongoing collaboration between Nautilus Magazine (featured in the 2-06-2015 Scout Report) and the public television series and educational initiative Poetry in America. Launched in May 2019, Poetry in Science aims to «illuminate the rich shared history of poetry and science in [the United States],» in an effort to offer its audience «new ways to learn about and enjoy scientific topics.» This project features video conversations between Elisa New, the creator of Poetry in America and a Harvard University English professor, and various scientists, public figures, and poets. For example, in a July 2019 post, New meets with ornithologist Scott Edwards to discuss «You’ll know her by her foot,» one of Emily Dickenson’s bird poems. In addition to these conversations, Poetry in Science also features short essays written by Poetry in America staff, such as Frank Cahill’s examination of Marianne Moore’s poem «The Fish,» as well as posts revisiting previously published Nautilus articles that also explored intersections between poetry and science.»

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